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MÁS means MORE


Miguel Ángel Soto (DJ Lunatiko) wanted to start changing the way a lot of people viewed "Wedding DJs" in the Central Valley Area.

"Just because Dr. Dre has the "Dr." title doesn't necessarily make him qualified to operate on you. Same thing with the "DJ" title."

Not all DJs can be Wedding DJs and not all Wedding DJs are DJs.  Coming from an environment of the night club scene and promotions he wanted to take that excitement and style to Weddings, Private Parties, Quinceañeras, and pretty much anywhere a festivity called for some FUN.

As his own personal brand "DJ Lunatiko" started to grow he started building a team of individuals with a similar mindset of values and dedication to someone's special event.

MÁS began it's journey in January 2017 and although it's relatively young as a company it's components have the seasoned experience for your special event.


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