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Mexico Born-California Bred is the best way to describe Miguel A. Soto’s (DJ Lunatiko) upbringing. His Mom and Dad influenced his love for music early on where he would listen to Dad's original songs on the guitar and would dance to Mom's Folklorico themed routines since his Kindergarten days in Mexico. His passion for the arts and music can be attributed to his parents whom supported him every step of the way. Miguel is a Full Time Husband, Dad, and DJ.  Read the full story here.


Arturo Villagomez, (DJ AR-TWO-OH) has been a music addict since the walkman cd player days. During his stay at Fresno State, Arturo met multiple talented DJs who inspired him to begin his DJ journey. 4 years of DJing random bars, clubs, college events, house parties, and back yard celebrations, Arturo realized DJing had greater potential than just a hobby. He followed and assisted Miguel and learned how rewarding performing at weddings could be. Arturo is bilingual and has a diverse music background to cater to his clients.


Jose Maciel, DJ Palomo's passion for music started in 2006 when he was presented to his schools band. Since then, music has played and continues to play an important role in his life.  José, or as his Má Maria nicknamed him, Palomo, found DJing was the one way to keep music and performance in his life while he continues to pursue his college degree. With hard work, dedication and the help of his mentors he was able to attain the crucial skills like bilingual emceeing in English/Spanish and club style mixing.  He goes above and beyond to do MÁS when the L word comes to take over your life.

(L word is Love.... <3)


Kyle Richard, known nation wide as DJ Kay Rich, has cemented himself as an influential icon in California. He is an invaluable member of the Central California community through his years of leadership on iconic Fresno Radio stations (B95 & Q97.1) and countless hours of service to the community. Kyle is one of the most booked DJs and top rated emcees on the west coast for small gatherings to large scale stadium and concert tours. Currently he is the official DJ for California State University, Fresno's Men's Basketball team and works closely with the Fresno Grizzlies Baseball team. His energy level is unmatched in providing the most as a host making him a well seasoned and versatile DJ for any event or occasion.


Martin Alvarado, DJ EKO's passion for music started when he was ten years old. He would listen to his dad playing music in the evenings. But it was not until college that his passion for becoming a DJ became a reality. While being a full-time student, Martin pursued one of his dreams of becoming a professional DJ. He had the opportunity to provide entertainment to clubs and organizations during his college career.  He decided to take his skills to performing at Weddings, Quinceañeras, and private events. He's grateful to his mentors and group of DJs that have helped him with his professional career. 

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